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FSS General Program Description:

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) is a voluntary program offered by Linn-Benton Housing Authority for Section 8 Participants. The program can give Section 8 participants the help they need to take control of their lives by setting goals and connecting with resources.

The FSS Program offers practical help and a financial benefit to enable Section 8 participants to become self-sufficient and free of public assistance. The program works to offer support and help link participants with community resources to overcome barriers to self-sufficiency, while allowing them to build an escrow savings account to increase their asset base.

FSS participants sign a 5-year contract of participation. Included in this contract are goals set by the participant and coordinator to be achieved during the contract period. Goals include the head of household, designated by the FSS family, to seek and maintain suitable employment after completion of job training and/or educational goals listed in the Individual Training & Service Plan (ITSP). Another required goal for the FSS family is to become free of “cash” welfare assistance 12-months before the FSS contract ends.

Financial Incentive Through FSS:

When a participant’s rent increases due to an earned income increase, generally the difference between the previous Housing Authority Payment (HAP) and the new HAP amount will be put into an escrow savings account each month. If the FSS contract is successfully completed, the FSS participant is entitled to the escrow savings account balance. General uses for this money have been: down payment for a home, paying off or paying for continued education, small business start-up or expansion, the purchase of reliable transportation, and other family needs.

Other Incentives:

The Housing Authority’s FSS Program also offers an opportunity for our FSS clients, with the goals of homeownership, education and/or advancement in employment, to participate in an Individual Development Account (IDA) which is a matched savings program as an additional means to increase assets and reach goals.  LBHA’s FSS Program partners with Community and Shelter Assistance Corp (CASAC) through the Valley Individual Development Account (VIDA) Program and availability of this program is based on funding, motivation and goal readiness.

If you are interested in participating in the FSS program, please contact your Case Manager right away. The program fluctuates depending on how many graduates we have. A waiting list is formed when the program reaches full capacity of 100 participants.

This is a first-come, first-serve program. The only requirement is a motivation to become self-sufficient. We hope to hear from you!

Contact Information for the FSS Coordinators is located on the Staff Page

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Community Partners:

If you are a public or private agency that would like more information about how you can partner with the FSS Program and/or share your services, please contact our FSS coordinators.  The FSS Program has a HUD required Program Coordinating Committee (PCC) made up of local community partners, agencies and businesses that generally meet three times per year to share resources, discuss program/agency updates, review and update our FSS Action Plan (when needed), and coordinate other activities that are beneficial to our mutual clients.

We are currently looking for partners that have resources for affordable auto repair, dental services including dentures, eye glasses, legal services, and local employers looking for employees that are working towards self-sufficiency and are willing to give feedback on employability and advancement in the workforce.